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UAV Bridge Inspection

UAV Bridge


UAV Bridge Inspection capable of collecting far more detailed inspection data compared to snoopers and other more traditional inspection equipment. Not only that, but UAV Bridge Inspection can collect this data without interfering with traffic.


Benefits of using UAV for bridge inspection

Reduced downtime
Fast response times
Inspection of areas difficult to reach
Preventative maintenance planning
Quick on-site deployment of inspection systems
Access to areas that pose health and safety risks to humans

We Offer

What We Offer

01. Data Acquisition

Our specialists operate custom made UAVs to collect high definition 50 Mega Pixels images, GPS and attitude data and LiDAR distance measurements of your blades entire surface

02. Image Processing

Your images are then processed with our magic image stitching algorithm capable of merging in a single image dozens of high resolution photos while adjusting to optimal image exposition settings.

03. Analysis & Reporting

Through our state-of-the-art cloud based inspection management system asset owners and blade experts can review inspection data, perform defects markup, measurement, localisation and export detailed maintenance reports.

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Paolo Brianzoni

Author Paolo Brianzoni

Is the founder and CEO of Helvetis. Passionate about innovative technologies and electronics since a young age he completed over than 1.500 drone flights in offshore environments becoming one of the most expert and skilled drone pilot in the industrial inspections UAV industry.

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