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Jabali Tactical and Mapping VTOL

Jabali Vertical Takeoff and Landing Unmanned Aircraft is the only system in its category to integrate onboard Artificial Intelligence capabilities

Jabali is widely used for airborne surveillance, public security, intelligence gathering, border guard, firefighting, emergency response, environmental protection and other critical applications.

The wide application range and unprecedented low cost make it the preferred choice for innovative organizations seeking the ultimate airborne Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance platform.

The Jabali System

System Applications

Public Security

Long range airborne patrolling, emergency response, traffic monitoring, events management

Oil & Gas

Pipeline and Oil wells surveillance and inspection, oil theft prevention, leak detection

Electric T&D Inspection

High efficiency data-rich visual and LiDAR ae rial assets inspection

Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting Fire detection, aerial firefighting operations coordination and situational awareness

Oil & Gas

Pipeline and Oil wells surveillance and inspection, oil theft prevention, leak detection

Helvetis – Jabali VTOL

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

Key Features



Artificial Intelligence

abali's airborne low powered AI accelerator is capable of running Convolutional Neural Networks thanks to its highly integrated hardware that is the result of 10 years and USD 50 million invested in the UAV field R&D. Jabali's AI functionalities include: realtime object detection, intelligent target tracking, crowd analysis, humans, vehicles and animals counting and can be expanded to any other tailored AI task. We call it Jabali’s brain.


Vertical Takeoff and Landing

Jabali combines multirotor drones VTOL versatility with fixed-wing performances and endurance. Jabali is capable of unmatched long-range flying while at the same time adapting to complex environments. Furthermore, without the need of runways Jabali can be operated from small landing and takeoff areas.


Multiple Payloads

Jabali can carry a multitude of payloads, depending on the flight's mission. Equipped with our top-class ISR 3-axis gimbals Jabali provides total situational awareness both day and night through infrared thermal imaging and 30x FullHD optical zoom. Using mapping payloads such as high resolution LiDAR, five-lens oblique cameras, full frame sensors (100+ MP) allows Jabali to carry out accurate photogrammetry, surveying and mapping missions.


Long Range Autonomous Operations

Jabali's handheld Ground Control Station (GCS) is a touchscreen terminal that integrates aircraft control and long range image transmission. This greatly simplifies operations and allows for a one-man operation of the aircraft. Fully autonomous mission planning is possible using our 3D Mission Planner with automatic terrain following.


Heavy Duty

Reinforced carbon and glass fiber materials guarantee rigidity and resistance against the harshest of environments.



Full situational awareness and self-separation from manned airfracts through the integrated ADS-B receiver.


Triple Redundancy

Proprietary fault-tolerant reduntant flight controller validated over 10 years and millions of flight hours.


Autonomous maritime operations

Fully autonomous offshore operations, including takeoff & landing from moving ships.


Differential RTK Positioning Module

Fully autonomous offshore operations, including takeoff & landing from moving ships.


Dual-Antenna GNSS Heading

Satellite-based precise and magnetic interference resistant heading calculation.


Behind the Scenes

At the beginning of 2020 over 500 units of Jabali are being regularly operated worldwide by private and governmental organizations. With over USD 50 million invested in research and development,Jabali proprietary, highly integrated microchip built in-house is powerful enough to run real-time Artificial Intelligence Neural Networks, we call it Jabali’s brain.

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